Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1

Olympus tries to show the market and to us, the buyers, thatit’s not a “reserve” model for those unable to afford a Nikon, a Canon or aeven a Sony. The producer wants to be a big name again and why not, a trendsetter. So, this Pen is Olympus smallest ever model weighing just 216g andbeing available in six attractive colours. The camera also has a 12.3MP sensorand a maximum ISO of 12,800 and an incredibly nippy autofocus. The PEN miniE-PM1 is a model that has the possibility of being a good alternative to thetop models camera, but on a market that comes with something newer and moreinteresting very fast, we shall see how much Olympus will resist.CLICK "READ MORE" FOR MORE PICTURES!

Tag Heuer Link

This is the smartphone equivalent of a luxury car. This isthe phone that makes you look not only like a V.I.P., but also like a man thathas the world at the bottom of his little finger. If a Ferrari makes time stopfor a second than this phone can be categorized as the “Ferrari” ofsmartphones. Under the “bonnet” you will find a 1Ghz processor with anoperating system called Android 2.2 placed in a stainless steel shell that ifdoes not please you can be switched with a black PVD, diamonds or lizard skin.The touchscreen is a 3.6in Gorilla Glass and one of the key features is that,behind the watch crown on the side, you can find a quick access to the SIM andmemory cards. I, personally, would love to have one of this…:X…

Romain Jerome Space Invaders

This news will make all Space Invaders fans go nuts! Ok, so,it looks like the well-known Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome has gone “hi5” witharcade producer Taito to create two series of marvelous expensive watches tocontemplate the memory of Space Invaders game. The watches are emblazoned withthe well-known characters from the game. The cool part is that only 78 of eachtype will be made( the year the game was released) so this will make them realtreasures for the collectors and fans. Also the rumor says the case containsfragments from the Apollo 11 space capsule. Now this is extraordinary!!!

Nokia N9

It looks like Nokia it’s trying to revive the “N” serieswhich entered in a dark corner since the age of the smartphones started. Thebig surprise and a great smile on the faces of those Linux fans is that , insteadof the traditional Symbian running on the aces of the Nokia models , we nowhave MeeGo, a Linux-based operating system that rose from the ashes of Moblinand Maemo. This OS is special designed for touch screen phones. And speaking ofthe touch-screen, the N9 has a 3.9in, 480x854 AMOLED screen which offers HDquality. Also it comes with a 1GHz single-core processor, 16GB or 64GB storage,8MP photos and 720p@30fps video via Carl Zeiss lens, 3G, A-GPS, Bluetooth,EDGE, HSDPA, NFC, microUSB 2.0, Wi-Fi. The N9 also has NFC (Near-Field-Communication) which people talks can be the next hit. We’ll just have to waitand see and enjoy this magnificent phone.


This quite be the smartphone that may kick the iPhones’behind very hard. It is no surprise nowadays that the Taiwanese -based company isone of the top phone maker all around the world. So, why is this new toy thebest ever from HTC? Well, as the name tells us it has 3D technology not onlyfor the glasses-free screen, but also for the 3D camera(it also has a 2D 5MPcamera) 2MP. In addition the EVO uses a 1.2GHz dual-core processor , the latestAndroid version and one of the greatest features, it play movies at an incrediblequality and speed. The phone has many other apps that I will let you discoverfor yourself.

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