Sony NEX VG10

Sony’s latest high-end camera is inspired from the NEX range of pseudo-SLR cameras. Well this is surely a one sexy camera with whom you will definitely fall in love at first site. And for good reason too. It heavily beats any competitors on the market. The NEX VG10 has a 14.6 MP Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, 3inch 921k-dot LCD screen, a 1.1MP view finder, 18-200mm(11x zoom) lens, HDMI, USB2.0, 3,5 mm (headphone, microphone input) connectivity and storage on memory stick.

It is all and even more that we aspected from such a high-name company like Sony and even though the price is a little bit high right now you won’t forget if you decide to buy it.

Samsung BD-D7000

The D7000 is one of Samsung’s latest top-of-the-line Bluray players, full to the brim with home cinema treats. The design even though is bigger than your conventional Bluray player is a lot more attractive and after all who wants to stay conventional nowadays? It can play 3D discs, but also 2D in a very high quality, Wi-Fi,apps,DLNA streaming  being more like a supercomputer and is not quite that expensive either. 

Philips Fidelio SoundSphere

Philips Fidelio SoundSphere looks though as a space rocket both outside but inside too. It has 100W power and you can be sure you can use these power to the max-may want to alert your neighbors  first. It runs on batteries so you must be sure you got this cover, also it needs a wireless network. You can stream tunes from your iPhone, iPod, iPad. The exterior design it probably one of the most attractive you can find. This device is not a cheap one, but you can be sure it will last a very long time

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Nowadays games are as important to a smartphone as any other application, so there is no surprise to see a PlayStation-phone hybrid and the combination sounds like a winner.

Despite games for a new console type are not many. Sony Ericsson has over 50 games available for this model within days. They’re mostly Android created special for the Xperia Play. The games can also be played using the touchscreen

If you done playing the game you can call/text somebody. The phone has a decent call quality and built-in noise-canceling. The virtual keyboard is big enough for fast texting and also has text suggestions for even faster texting.

HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation is the Taiwanese producer new flagship and first dual-core smartphone. While the name ‘Sensation’ is considered to hubristic, it really a non-self to judge the phone by this criteria. 

The dual-core technology means that the phone has 1080p video recording, nipper web browsing than its predecessor(HTC Desire HD) giving turbo charged performance more similar to a computer than a phone. The 1.2 GHz processor supplies more than enough to run the Android 2.3.3 software special design for this model. The 8MP camera and the delicious aluminium unibody chassis among with the other features will make this phone the most wanted when it arrives on the market this summer.

Panasonic KX-VC500

 The VC500 codec box is the main component of the HD Visual Communication System(HDVC). It features full HD 1080i video input and output via HDMI ports, which makes the device an easy compatibility for any gadget. It can support two video inputs, four boundary microphones, and can link up to a maximum of four locations. The unique 360-degree HD microphone guarantees clear audio clear audio capture from any direction in the room. The technology is the same you find in Panasonic’s Viera TVs.

Due to the use of a H.264 high-profile video compression and SIP protocol technologies, the HDVC system can maintain a conference call with bandwidth requirements as low as 512kbps.

A secondary mobile camera can be used along with the main unit giving the conference call an unprecedented level of versatility.

Creek Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 is considered the most highly specified model ever made  by producer Creek. It has a solid, slim, quite heavy though very smart external design due to the intelligence use of brushed aluminium.

Inside you will find a large transformer and heatsinks for generous power rating. There are also a decent number of capacitors in the idea that ten small capacitors in parallel make a more ideal component than one single unit of ten times the value

Details :

Name: Creek Destiny 2

Origin: UK

Weight:  10 kg

Dimensions: 430x80x355 mm

  • ·         Inputs: 6 line level
  • ·         Optional phono stage (replaces one line in)
  • ·         Preamp output
  • ·         Dual switched speaker outputs
  • ·         Headphone output
  • ·         Nominal output  100W

Onkyo P-3000R and M-5000R

Returning to the market after an almost 20 years absence and when everyone thought they’re only to be seen on collectors homes, Onkyo is back in business.  The company’s flagship hi-fi’s are the M-5000R power amp and the P-3000R preamp.

The M-5000R is the more conventional of the two units. It achieves 80 watts into eight ohms using a Class A/B layout even though in many recent stereo amps Onkyo uses Class D. This return back to conventional technology suggests that Onkyo feels that classic is not yet dead.

The M-5000R can only be used in stereo mode with unbalanced RCA inputs, but a single XLR input is fitted allowing use as a monoblock. The VU meters can be used at two different sensitivity or can be switched off.

The P-3000R preamp is rather unusual in comparison to the competition. It has six digital inputs, as well as three line inputs , a tape loop and a MM phone stage.

Details :

Product: Onkyo P-3000R preamp &
                M-5000R power amp

Origin: Japan/ Malaysia

Type: Analogue and digital preamp, 2channel class A/B power amp

Weight: P-3000R 11kg/ M-5000R 23,5 kg

Dimensions: 435x99x333.1 mm/ 235x87.5x432.5 mm

  • ·         Preamp with moving magnet phono stage, 3line inputs and digital board
  • ·         2x preouts
  • ·         DIDRIC Distortion reduction circuitry
  • ·         6 digit inputs : 1xAES, 1xUSB, 2x coaxial and 2x optical
  • ·         Front panel display
  • ·         80 w stereo power amp with symmetrical internal layout

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