Casio Exilim Tryx EX-TR100

Open up to new perspectives
Twist and turn it anyway you like: The new EXILIM TRYX brings your world to life! Thanks to the swivelling and rotatable frame and the 7.6 cm Super Clear touch screen LC display that also swivels, this slimline camera will take images at any time while held in any position and at any angle. And, of course, the TRYX also boasts an extensive range of functions - be it EXILIM Engine HS, video recording in full HD, the popular HDR Art function for creative photo compositions or the 21 mm wide-angle lens that handles both group shots and self portraits, the possibilities are endless. What's more, with its 12.1 megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and HDR technology, the EXILIM TRYX takes cool, high-quality shots, even in poor lighting conditions such as at parties.

Swivelling and rotatable 7.6 cm (3") Super Clear LCD with touch screen functionality
Experience even greater freedom: The EXILIM TRYX comes equipped with a swivelling, rotatable frame and a 7.6 cm (3") Super Clear touch screen LCD that also swivels. Thanks to this new design, the camera can take photos while held in any position and at any angle. What's more, with the TRYX you can also take self-portraits with the greatest of ease - even with the camera held in your hand: Simply rotate the LC display, select the subject on the touch screen and capture the photo with a touch of your finger. You can also set a timer via the touch screen, allowing you to put the camera down or place it on a wall. In addition, the frame can also be pulled out for recording videos, so you always have the camera firmly in your grip. The screen menus are operated intuitively at the touch of your finger; they are also scrollable and are identified using coloured symbols. Thanks to the touch screen and touch shutter, the EXILIM TRYX offers photography enthusiasts even greater freedom and flexibility.


Fantastic photos — simpler than ever before

The heart of the EXILIM TRYX is the new EXILIM Engine HS with high-speed recording function. The innovative image processor sets new standards in subject recognition and high-speed image processing, and has been developed to allow you to take better pictures — quickly, easily and reliably. The EXILIM Engine HS successfully overcomes every challenge, such as backlight, portrait, landscape and night shots and difficult lighting conditions, by analysing all environmental elements and immediately optimising your camera's settings. EXILIM Engine HS combines all the strengths of the EXILIM Engine 5.0 and the high-speed Engine feature. As a result, the image processor provides new options in photography, such as the HDR ART function or the option to record videos and take photos at the same time. Whether you want brilliant colour reproduction, high-resolution image processing or fast response times, the EXILIM Engine HS produces detailed images without loss of contrast, focus or colour, within seconds.

HDR function
Ensures lighting that is accurate in every detail

Press the shutter release button, and the HDR function creates multiple shots with different lighting, and combines these into a brilliant single photo with high contrast depth. With this function, both light and dark surfaces are evenly accentuated, whereas areas that are too bright or too dark are attenuated. This innovative technology is made possible by means of the new EXILIM Engine HS with high-speed recording and the "High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor".

HDR ART function
Make more out of your subject!

Why not see the world through different eyes for a change? The HDR Art function makes this possible; it creates artistic photos that are completely different to conventional ones. For small works of art, the HDR Art technology simply combines shots with different lighting, performs a precise image analysis and adjusts the contrast and colour saturation at the appropriate points. This makes for unique effects that would otherwise only be possible with special software — and all by simply pressing the shutter release button.

High-sensitivity CMOS sensor
Excellent photos — even in poor lighting conditions

Dark rooms, twilight or poor lighting conditions? You can still take outstanding photos! The EXILIM TRYX is equipped with a new High-sensitivity CMOS sensor for extraordinarily detailed shots, even in poor lighting conditions. It also processes the photos much faster. A new technology allows the sensor to capture more light and increases sensitivity while simultaneously reducing image noise considerably. The outcome is outstanding — detailed photos with excellent contrasts and rich colours.

21 mm wide-angle lens
So far, so good!

Whether for sweeping landscape shots and tourist sights, or group pictures in confined spaces: the 21 mm wide-angle lens* makes the EXILIM TRYX your perfect companion whatever the occasion. The 21 mm focal length allows you to capture a larger area and, for example, include several friends in a group photo from only a short distance away.

Panorama function
Open up to new perspectives

Expand your field of vision and discover new perspectives. Whether it's a magnificent panorama of the Alps, a group photo of whatever kind, or an exciting urban scene — the panorama function of the EXILIM TRYX gives you extremely wide panorama images with a huge field of vision of up to 360 degrees. Even when the camera pans, moving objects and faces are recognised and the images adapted such that distortions and blurring are kept to a minimum.

Premium Auto mode
Perfectly equipped for every situation

Portrait, landscape, night photography: you will be able to take the most amazing photos with the EXILIM TRYX, even in poor conditions. The highlight is the Premium Auto mode, in which the camera automatically recognises typical subject scenarios and adjusts the settings accordingly. The EXILIM Engine HS enables optimum results for every situation, as features such as BEST SHOT motif programs, night shot without tripod, make-up mode, landscape mode or intelligent AF are activated depending on the shooting conditions. This ensures that movements, shaking, backlight and even people's faces are automatically detected and perfectly focused and exposed. You don't need to worry which BEST SHOT mode is best for the situation; you can just focus your full attention on your subject and take some impressive photos.

Multi Frame SR zoom
Capture every detail

By using the Multi Frame SR Zoom, which combines multiple shots into a single sharp, clear photo, the zoom of the optical zoom range can even be doubled.

Movie Functions
Full HD videos in H.264 format
Videos in full HD quality!

Film your videos in full High Definition quality*! Thanks to the EXILIM TRYX, you are now able to capture brilliant videos in full HD (H.264) with a resolution of up to 1920x1080 pixels. The EXILIM TRYX can also be connected to an Full HD-compatible TV using an Full HDMI cable (ordered separately) — allowing you to view the videos on a large screen whenever it suits you.

High-speed Movie Recording
Films in high speed

The TRYX can produce high-speed film recordings with 240 fps of movements that are too fast for the naked eye, enabling them to be played back in ultra-slow motion. Simply press the Movie button and start filming.

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