HTC Rhyme


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HTC released a new phone this october that is designed withaccessories to improve your smartphone experience. The new model is called “Rhyme”and comes with, beside the regular, with a dock and some very extravagantcolors.

HTC Rhyme offers to its’ user an elegant body design,crafted in such a way to deliver a unique sensory experience and uniquesensations. There will be three colors available: Clearwater, Hourglass andPlum.

Rhyme is offering a 3.7 inch WVGA LCD display, high-qualitystereo, 5 megapixel camera with auto focus, power LED flash and instant shutterfor capturing. Beside this, the camera includes face detection andphoto-sharing elements.

Another cool feature is the customization of the homescreen. You can add to it almost anything you want, whatever is important toyou. The screen is such way think, that you can have easy and quick access toanything you like, even though it’s a social network site or some pictures thatyou love and like having quick access to them.

Rhyme also comes with HTC Watch, that features a wideselection of movies and TV shows that can be downloaded for you to view.

In the end is needless to say that the HTC Rhyme is a worthy successorof the Desire and Desire S, being a completely extraordinary smartphone!

HTC Rhyme comes with the following accessories :
  • HTC Rhyme DockingStation
  • HTC Rhyme Charm -discretely alerting you to incoming calls or messages
  • HTC Rhyme SportsArmband - work out in style while keeping your apps and music close
  • HTC Rhyme TangleFree Headphones
  • HTC Rhyme BluetoothHeadset 
  • HTC RhymeBluetooth Car Speaker

Audiolab 8200CD

This is a very goodCD-player/DAC that just received an update to mega-cool CD-player/DAC. If you analysethe player just from the front picture, you will think that this is just aregular CD-player, but if you take a look back you will see that it’s thatregular after all. Digital inputs (electrical, optical and USB) and some prettynice common outputs. 

The DAC feature ofthis player is given a boost by the ESS chip set on a 32-bit level performancemaking the 8200CD one of the most best DAC on the market. It also has an evencooler feature : digital filters.

The power supply andthe display have also been given an update, now having a higher performancethan before. Also changes have been made on the circuit board by adding higherquality components.

It seems that the wordthat describes the new 8200CD is “high”. No reason to say that the music thatcomes out of it makes you feel every note with every fiber of your body.

Bellow you can read alist of the main features and other details about the product.

Product: Audiolab 8200 CD
Origin: UK/China
Type: CD player/DAC
Weight: 7kg
Dimensions: 445x80x305mm (WxHxD)

  • Unbalanced (phono) andbalanced (XLR) analogue  output
  • Digital out(electrical and optical)
  • Digital in (2xelectrical, 2x optical, 1x USB)
  • Maximum inupt samplerate 176,4 KHz (electrical) and 96KHz(optical and USB)
  • Control media playeron computer via USB
  • CD text

Nokia HumanForm

In a worldwhere touchscreen phones make ”the law” and probably after we asked our selfs „What’snext?” here comes the answer, the telephone that can reinvent the word “smartphone”.And is not from Apple like most of the world expected , but from long-traditionmaker, Nokia.

At the 2011Nokia World we could see the Nokia Kinectic Device which zoomed in and out whenwe bended the edges. Now we have a even more futurist concept based on nanotechnology andit’s known by the name Nokia HumanForm.

 Thisfuturistic concept is the proud result of the Nokia Design and Nokia ResearchCenter work. So, what is the idea behind this phone? Well, practically thewhole phone is a touchscreen that you can access not just by touching but bybending, flipping, shaking, virtually all the physical stuff your mind comes upwith. Even though the design may not appear very attractive at first sight, wemust ask our self “Is this the future?”

Apple iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S has been the subject of many critics, good and bad, harsh comments and manyironies since its launch one month ago. That’s mainly because everybody wasexpecting an iPhone 5. Nevertheless, the 4S is significantly different, mostly underthe case.

So, if on the outside it’s just a regular iPhone4(just the mute button is 2mm lower) in the inside things are different. For starters,the core of the 4S is dual-core A5 (probably 1GHz), which you can find on theiPad2. The battery is said to have a lifetime of eight hours of 3G talk time.

With the iPhone 4S comes the new iOS 5 which has morethan 200 new features, the likes of Twitter integration and Apple’sBBMesque iMessage IM (instant messaging) application. And that’s not all! Apple also launches the CupertinoiCloud service, that offers free cloud service. Cupertino introduces Siri, anintelligent digital assistant for the iPhone 4S. It will help users makingcalls, sending messages, emails, schelduling  meetings, get directions, search the web etc.Probably the best thing of this program is that it understand context. Forexample, if you ask : ”Would I be needing a rain coat tomorow?”, Siriunderstands that you are looking for the weather forecast.

Does of you, who arepassionat about photographing the 4S comes with a new eight megapixel camera.The new iPhone also suports a new custom lens, a larger f/2.4 aperture and anadvanced hybrid infrared filter, all of them contributing to more realistic,brighter and sharper pictures. As for video, you can now record full HD (1080)pictures.

Huawei Honor

Huawei lunches Honor which will be the company signature on the quality smartphonemarket. The new smartphone works on the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread platform andhas the most long lasting battery on a smartphone due to 1,900 MAh powersource. It also comes with an 4in HD touchscrean.

Other technical details may refer to the 1,4 GHz single core processor, 512MB of RAM and a 4GB internal hard-drive with up to 32GB on microSD.

The Huawei Honor comes with the latest technologies being also easy to use,allowing people to stay connected easy. It has an exclusive Huawei interface,more easily to set-up and a dynamic widget for weather. The new phone iscertificated DLNA which ensures interoperability with other DLNA certified devices (digital cameras,TVs, consoles etc).

The price range of this elite smartphone is between300-400 €.

 Specifications :

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