The iCloud is the highly waited and much rumoured wireless data sync service for iOS devices, Macs and PCs. It replaces the MobileMe service, which can not be classified as best from Apple, being much more low-cost( more exactly free). So what does the iCloud do? Well it synchronizes all your contacts, calendars and mail across your devices. If, for example, you create  a new contact on your iPhone, its automatically sent to the iCloud from where its synchronized with all your devices. This is not all, the “cloud “ can also store documents, bookmarks and books. Cool ain’t? Stay tuned on our site for more iCloud news this days.

Pro-Ject Debut S/E3

Who thinks vinyl is dead surely is not in touch with the electronics market at all. Vinyl, not only is not dead, but is continuing evolving, giving you the user, more and more and higher and higher quality. The Debut S/E3 is the third version of the successful brand from Pro-Ject. It has a 12in platter instead of the old 10in, the tonearm uses improved bearing set and also an improved motor. The design is simple and minimalistic and on everyones taste. It also has a new circular belt to reduce contact making the sound that comes out simply excellent. It cost about 300€.

Aviiq Portable USB Charging Station

Everybody must be tired of carrying dozens of chargers, plug-in cables, USB connectors etc. It all ends up in a tangle of many tipes of wires. So, what can be the answer of this problem? What about a portable USB Charging Station that is small, easy and fun to use and can connect up to three devices at once. This means that you can say “bye-bye”  to all the wires mentioned above. Also you can connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod at once to your computer. That’s cool and cheap; you may purchase it for about 60.

Star Wars R2-D2 Headphones

All of you who are StarWars fans would love to have one of those headphones in their collection. Let’s face it: we all loved R2-D2 in the series and I personal would love to have this headset one day. So, the design speaks for its self; there is no more to add because it will be unnecessary and meaningless. There four  I will add something about the features which aren’t different from the day-by-day headphones that we use.  It has an integrated mic and volume control with a superb sound quality. May the force be with you !

Hanss Acoustics CD20

The CD20 is a digital player made, surprising, by an analog producer. This is not one of those player made for those who love to have extra many features on a device like this, but for those how like to keep it simple and the sound it’s all that matters. The main feature of the CD20 is the metal-made remote that basically allows you to control all you can. Other features include analogue outputs: unbalanced and balanced (XLR) and digital outputs: electrical S/PDIF. And that’s pretty much all. The sound that cames out is lovely. It will make you forget anything that you may not like about the player… definitely…  

Densen B-420 XS

I’ve been wanted to tell about this dane midrange player for a while and I am glad I now can do it. This is nothing else but state of the art danish  technology. The “outer layer” of the player is represented by  a fine crafted aluminium carcass in very cool minimalist style. One of the features is, that  for a little over 200€ you can have a remote handset. Some of the other features are 2 unbalanced analogue outputs, electrical s/PDIF digital outputs and inputs. It weights aprox. 8kg and has a sound quality that will make feel like you’re at a live concert of your favorite band. All this does not come cheap at all (over 2,200€) but it worth’s each cent.

LG CF3D Projector

Continuing the 3D madness is the 3D projector. Making your home a 3D theatre is now the LG CF3D which can trough a Full HD 3.4m x2.9m image on your wall showing you a stunning 1080p picture quality. The 3D system uses two projectors combined with only one lens, so you don’t have to “tickle” anything. You can watch the 3D movie at any angle as long as you set the project 5.2m form the wall.

LG Optimus 3D

People just can’t get enough of the 3D mania. So like many of you expected 3D technology hit the smart phone market too. The most noticeable 3D phone is the LG Optimus 3D. It is an Android 2.2 phone with Nintendo 3DS-esque. It is glasses free. The magic starts when you turn it to landscape. With the help of a 5MP camera you can shoot 3D photos or record your own 3D movie. It has an on-board  8GB memory that you can extend using a microSD card. You can connect it to your 3D TV via HDMI 1.4 and watch the movies/pics that you took. It also has Wi-Fi, GPS,3G etc. and you can use it to make phone calls or send text messages too!

HP TouchPad

The HP TouchPad is probably Apple’s top competitor in the iPad segment of the market. It has a 16 or 32 GB hard-drive, a 9.7in/24.5 cm screen with a 1024x768 resolution, dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, Wi-Fi,GPS and a web OS. It also has a 1.3MP webcam and the possibility to charge/print via wireless. All of this in nice black plastic frame. There are a lot of secrets in the HP TouchPad but that is for you to find out on your own.


If you always wanted to draw something or to sketch the blueprints of your dream car on your tablet pc you might find you that it’s quite difficult to do that. That’s were NoteSlate comes in. It is a monochrome tablet with a display the size of an A4 sheet of paper and a pencil that can scribble in black, white, green, red or blue. You can save your scribbles to the web via Wi-Fi or to an SD card. Also it has a 180 hours battery life and support for open-source software extensions. I personally would love to a NoteSlate just for fooling around.

Audiolab 8200A

This is a tribute to the original 8000A who those that are familiar with amplifiers know that it was one of the best amps. This is a modern version of it. It has 60W and six line levels inputs. Interesting about it is that it has four distinct operating modes: standard integrated amp, preamplifier and power, standalone preamplifier without power amplification  and power amplification controlled by an external AV system. This quite has the potential of becoming one of the most successful amplifier on the market.

Panasonic DMR-BWT800

We are current living in a “3D mania” world where we are invaded by 3D electronics and 3D movies. But the number of 3D TV shows is significantly low and even null in some countries. That’s why the smart boys from Panasonic came with the DMR-BWT800 which is a converter from normal Blu-rays and DVDs to 3D. This is quite a new segment in 3D technology and a very useful one too.

So practically this converts any of your favorite show, soap opera, movie and even sport match in a 3D experience. The BWT800 has two HD tuners that lets’ you record one channel while watching another at once. It has 500GB hard drive so you will never have to worry you will be out of memory.

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