Apple MacBook Air

The latestmost expected product from Apple, the Apple MacBook Air has arrived markinganother step forward in Apple’s day-by-day rising utopia in the computer world.

Part of theMacBook Air trademark is its’ solid-state design, which means no moving parts suchas an optical drive or a hard disk, thus resulting the flat profile that thelaptop has. This is not a very good news though because of two importantreasons: first, the mass storage chip form that costs a great deal more thanthe conventional hard disk and, second, because most of us are not ready to throwaway our CDs and DVDs quite yet. So due to the lack of an optical drive youjust have to do the best with the 2 USB 2.0 ports, a card reader and an audiosocket. You may need to appeal to your desktop system or maybe the biggerbrother of the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, if you want to play a game or usePhotoshop for example.

Inconclusion, the Air, is a very good computer if Facebook is your thing, or justusing it for office work, or just listen to music and play a movie. The Lion OShas a pretty good design and works good too. But if you like doing more thanthat you might want to try the MacBook Pro for example. At a starting price of1000$ you can say it’s a bit expensive thinking at want you can do with it, butnever the less it’s a remarkable example of what the future of “laptoping”looks like.

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