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Will There be a White Version of the iPhone 5?

It is not long now until Apple will unveil tothe world the next big thing in the world of smartphones, the iPhone 5, withthe phone expected to go on sale in October in most markets. Apple has beenkeeping pretty tight lipped about what the phone will be like and, despite aprototype allegedly being misplaced in a San Francisco tequila bar, not a greatdeal of reliable leaks have surfaced on the blogosphere, leading fans to relyon speculation and contradictory claims.

One of the rumours that is gaining the mostsupport is that the iPhone 5 will be bigger in some way or another. This willeither be through a larger body or, more likely through a larger screen but asimilar chassis size to the iPhone 4. With the increasing popularity of 4 inchplus Android phones like the Galaxy S2 it would make sense that Apple would tryto extend the display somewhat. Larger screens make for better entertainment devices,although Apple is not a company that likes to be seen following the lead ofothers.

In contrast to this rumour there has been muchtalk of a smaller iPhone making an appearance. This is supposedly the iPhone4S, which will be smaller in size and more modest in features and will be aimedat the more affordable section of the smartphone market which Apple hastypically ignored. There have been reports of smaller components being orderedby Apple from suppliers in Asia giving some credibility to this rumour,although it seems much more likely that this is for a more modest version ofthe iPhone 4 and not an entirely new model.

iOS 5 may give some indication as to what willbe on offer with the next iPhone, and the latest Apple operating system was unveileda couple of months ago. This comes with new usability improvements like theAndroid inspired notification tray, but also comes with support for iCloud andAndroid style homescreen widgets. While on the surface the changes made to iOS5 seem minor they may in fact drastically alter the experience that the iPhonehas to offer.

Many Applefanatics love having white versions of their iDevices and the iPhone is noexception. However, it took Apple nearly a year to release a white version ofthe iPhone 4 and so this will most likely not be on offer straight away for theiPhone 5. Like earlier releases the iPhone 5 will probably just be on offer ina choice of black only, although some reports are suggesting that the iPhone 5will feature an aluminium battery casing. If this is the case then the phonemay very well have a metallic appearance instead. If so then there may never bea white iPhone 5. Either way, you will have a long wait of uncertainty ahead,while you could just pick up some <a href="">iPhone4 White deals</a> instead, as these are expected to drop dramatically inprice when the new iPhone goes on sale.

Apple is expected to make an announcement aboutthe iPhone 5 in the coming weeks when we will finally get to see what the phonehas to offer. That is unless the missing prototype should somehow make anappearance online beforehand of course.

An article by Simon Drew
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HTC Titan & HTC Radar

As you may observe, we at like smartphones and HTC is one of ourfavorites. We will show you in a future post why, so logon our site daily.Meanwhile, at London, the taiwanese manufacturerreleased two new smartphones HTC Titan and HTC Radar which work with the allnew Mango O.S. (Windows Phone 7). Both Titan and Radar excel at the foto-videochapter offering users 28mm wide-angle cameras with an advanced F2.2 sensor thatensures excellent photos even in dim light. Also they have installed specialbuttons on the phone to make the process of photographing or filming eveneasier.
Besidethe amazing camera, the HTC models come with other cool features likemultitasking support, calendar Facebook, multiple accounts e-mail sign-in and anupdate for “Live Titles” main interface.
Hereis a list with all technical features of the two smartphones:
1.      HTC Titan:
4.7 inch, S-LCD, 800x480 px touchscreen
1.5GHz processor
8MP camera with all the above mentioned settings
HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
microSD slot
2.     HTCRadar:
aluminium unibody design
3.8onch, S-LCD, 800x480 px touchscreen
1 GHz processor
5MP, autofocus camera with all the above mentioned settings
VGA camera for video calls and photographing
HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
microSD slot


This“super-cool” look bike with a name that may lead you to the totalitariangovernment in George Orwell’s book “Nineteen Eighty-four”  has one of the most clever design you willsee in an e-bike. This is a superlight, battery-assisted cycle with acarbon-fibre reinforced polymer frame. The bicycle comes with an iPhone dockfor on-road amusement and a 3-speed batter control that lets you switch betweenfull pedal-pushing or an assisted ride. With this bike you will clearly be amegastar in your neighborhood. CLICK “READ MORE” FOR MORE PICTURES!!!

Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Bundle

In a older post I’ve told you about some exclusive StarWarsheadphones. Well, that not all it seems! The StarWars fans and Xbox playerswill be thrilled to know that a special edition of the console is going to be releasedthis fall, more exactly this November. The console is special made for therelease of the game “Kinect: Star Wars” . It features the custom hardware, aKinect sensor, the game itself and exclusive downloadable goodies. For thosewho thought that the Xbox resemblance to R2-D2 is just for the looks, well, they’rewrong. The 320GB Xbox emits bleeps and bloops just like the old lad himself.CLICK “READ MORE” FOR MORE PICTURES!!!

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