Canon EOS C300

 Having already rocked Hollywood with its HD SLRs, Canon's gone pro with this SLR lens-using movie camera. But is it just a glorified EOS SD Mk 11?

ElectroFocus (EF) lenses for your DSLR, you'll be pleased to hear the C300 uses the same EF mount. Like a DSLR it can also capture metadata, so you'll have a record of the lens used, aperture and shutter speed. A PL -mount version is available for use with more t raditional movie camera lenses. While both say 'EOS' on them, they won't even shoot stills- these are digital cinema cameras through and through.

Much like RED's modular cameras, which Peter Jackson is currently using to shoot The Hobbit, the C300 is designed as a starting point. lt's up to you which lens you use and whether you want to add a handle, grip or video monitor. There are even four start/ stop buttons so there's always one handy for whichever way you hold it.

Inside the C300 is an 8.29MP CMOS sensor that's equivalent to shooting on Super 35 (the film format first used by James Cameron in The Abyss). lt captures full HO video - not the 4K of competitors, despite that being the resolution of its sensor- at 24 frames per second in the Hollywood approved MPEG-2 and MXF formats. To underline its pro credentials, it doesn't support autofocus or auto exposure. This ain't no Flip Video- it'll require real skill to operate.

By its self, the body of the C300 looks a bit like a chubby version of Canon's own SO Mk 11. That might sound bulky but compared to most movie cameras it's positively miniature. Add a similarly low-profile lens and you've got a seriously maneuvrable bit of kit.

The C300 is designed for professionals, but that doesn't mean it 's without its techy trinkets. Add a WFT - E6B wireless transmitter and the C300 can be controlled remotely through the web browser of a smart phone or tablet.

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