Samsung Series 9

 The uniquely sculpted body of Samsung's Series 9 isn't just elegant, it's the thinnest.
The difference between this and the Vaio is fractions of a millimetre, though, so it had better have something else to distinguish itself. The good news is that it does.

The screen, for starters, is so bright it can be used in direct sunlight, and there's a good six hours of charge in the battery, which puts it a close  second to the Sony in terms of how long you can use it for.
The 900X3A was launched a little while ago, though, and newer rivals such as the Asus Zenbook have since emerged with better and faster processors for the same price. If all you do is surf the web and read spreadsheets, you may never notice the difference. But compare its performance in anything more processor- intensive, such as video encoding or gaming, and it will become apparent. Not that the Samsung isn't up to these tasks - it's just that the others will outperform it.

While this is a nice- looking machine, it feels flimsy next to the Zenbook and Air. There's a bit of give in the plastic keyboard, which serves as a reminder that it is possible to go further than is healthy with those weight -loss programs.

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