Nokia HumanForm

In a worldwhere touchscreen phones make ”the law” and probably after we asked our selfs „What’snext?” here comes the answer, the telephone that can reinvent the word “smartphone”.And is not from Apple like most of the world expected , but from long-traditionmaker, Nokia.

At the 2011Nokia World we could see the Nokia Kinectic Device which zoomed in and out whenwe bended the edges. Now we have a even more futurist concept based on nanotechnology andit’s known by the name Nokia HumanForm.

 Thisfuturistic concept is the proud result of the Nokia Design and Nokia ResearchCenter work. So, what is the idea behind this phone? Well, practically thewhole phone is a touchscreen that you can access not just by touching but bybending, flipping, shaking, virtually all the physical stuff your mind comes upwith. Even though the design may not appear very attractive at first sight, wemust ask our self “Is this the future?”

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