HTC Rhyme


Here's a video and some additional info about the HTC Rhyme. You can find it here , on our new YouTube Channel. Subscribe to it, 'cause there are going to be some unique reviews on it in the next few weeks, that you really don't wanna miss!!!

HTC released a new phone this october that is designed withaccessories to improve your smartphone experience. The new model is called “Rhyme”and comes with, beside the regular, with a dock and some very extravagantcolors.

HTC Rhyme offers to its’ user an elegant body design,crafted in such a way to deliver a unique sensory experience and uniquesensations. There will be three colors available: Clearwater, Hourglass andPlum.

Rhyme is offering a 3.7 inch WVGA LCD display, high-qualitystereo, 5 megapixel camera with auto focus, power LED flash and instant shutterfor capturing. Beside this, the camera includes face detection andphoto-sharing elements.

Another cool feature is the customization of the homescreen. You can add to it almost anything you want, whatever is important toyou. The screen is such way think, that you can have easy and quick access toanything you like, even though it’s a social network site or some pictures thatyou love and like having quick access to them.

Rhyme also comes with HTC Watch, that features a wideselection of movies and TV shows that can be downloaded for you to view.

In the end is needless to say that the HTC Rhyme is a worthy successorof the Desire and Desire S, being a completely extraordinary smartphone!

HTC Rhyme comes with the following accessories :
  • HTC Rhyme DockingStation
  • HTC Rhyme Charm -discretely alerting you to incoming calls or messages
  • HTC Rhyme SportsArmband - work out in style while keeping your apps and music close
  • HTC Rhyme TangleFree Headphones
  • HTC Rhyme BluetoothHeadset 
  • HTC RhymeBluetooth Car Speaker

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