Audiolab 8200CD

This is a very goodCD-player/DAC that just received an update to mega-cool CD-player/DAC. If you analysethe player just from the front picture, you will think that this is just aregular CD-player, but if you take a look back you will see that it’s thatregular after all. Digital inputs (electrical, optical and USB) and some prettynice common outputs. 

The DAC feature ofthis player is given a boost by the ESS chip set on a 32-bit level performancemaking the 8200CD one of the most best DAC on the market. It also has an evencooler feature : digital filters.

The power supply andthe display have also been given an update, now having a higher performancethan before. Also changes have been made on the circuit board by adding higherquality components.

It seems that the wordthat describes the new 8200CD is “high”. No reason to say that the music thatcomes out of it makes you feel every note with every fiber of your body.

Bellow you can read alist of the main features and other details about the product.

Product: Audiolab 8200 CD
Origin: UK/China
Type: CD player/DAC
Weight: 7kg
Dimensions: 445x80x305mm (WxHxD)

  • Unbalanced (phono) andbalanced (XLR) analogue  output
  • Digital out(electrical and optical)
  • Digital in (2xelectrical, 2x optical, 1x USB)
  • Maximum inupt samplerate 176,4 KHz (electrical) and 96KHz(optical and USB)
  • Control media playeron computer via USB
  • CD text

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