Apple iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S has been the subject of many critics, good and bad, harsh comments and manyironies since its launch one month ago. That’s mainly because everybody wasexpecting an iPhone 5. Nevertheless, the 4S is significantly different, mostly underthe case.

So, if on the outside it’s just a regular iPhone4(just the mute button is 2mm lower) in the inside things are different. For starters,the core of the 4S is dual-core A5 (probably 1GHz), which you can find on theiPad2. The battery is said to have a lifetime of eight hours of 3G talk time.

With the iPhone 4S comes the new iOS 5 which has morethan 200 new features, the likes of Twitter integration and Apple’sBBMesque iMessage IM (instant messaging) application. And that’s not all! Apple also launches the CupertinoiCloud service, that offers free cloud service. Cupertino introduces Siri, anintelligent digital assistant for the iPhone 4S. It will help users makingcalls, sending messages, emails, schelduling  meetings, get directions, search the web etc.Probably the best thing of this program is that it understand context. Forexample, if you ask : ”Would I be needing a rain coat tomorow?”, Siriunderstands that you are looking for the weather forecast.

Does of you, who arepassionat about photographing the 4S comes with a new eight megapixel camera.The new iPhone also suports a new custom lens, a larger f/2.4 aperture and anadvanced hybrid infrared filter, all of them contributing to more realistic,brighter and sharper pictures. As for video, you can now record full HD (1080)pictures.

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