Antelope Zodiac Plus

Bulgaria is to be put on the map of audio world thanks to Antelope Audio who brings on the market a new cutting-edge DAC/preamplifier. The models’ name is Zodiac Plus and it is an innovative compact cube that has, as one of the main features, digital, analogue and USB inputs, a volume control on the outside and a 25 bit/192kHz convertor inside. Due to the company’s past experience in digital clocking the Zodiac Plus has dual headphone sockets on the front panel and complete set of XLR sockets on the back.


Product: Antelope Zodiac Plus

Origin: Bulgaria

Type: Digital to analogue convertor/preamp

Weight: 2kg

Dimensions: 165x112x190 mm


  • ·         Digital inputs: 2x Toslink, 2x coax, AES/EBU, USB
  • ·         Digital outputs : AES/EBU,S/PDIF
  • ·         Analogue inputs: RCA phono, TRS balanced
  •       Analogue outputs: XLR balanced, RCA phono

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