Brennan JB7

 What’s the point in owning dozens of CDs which worth a lot of money if you never listen to them? The problem with CDs is time. Try timing how long it takes to pick a CD, load it in the CD player, play a snippet from a track or two, eject it and put it back where it came from. Then there is the problem of finding music. What if the track is on a compilation CD? What if you forgot where you place the CD? You need to keep your CDs near the player or you won’t play them. So you are forced to share your house with literally hundreds of cheap, dust collecting, plastic boxes.

Key features

  • Browse albums by spinning the volume knob - push to play

  • Display track names as they play

  • Delete tracks you don’t like

  • Seven rainbow colour coded playlists

  • Segue function blends one track into the next

  • One touch record from vinyl, cassette or radio

  • One button plays the entire music collection at random

  • Plays MP3 downloads - future proof

  • Clock with alarm

  • 60 Watt, 4.8 x 16 x 22 cm steel and aluminium construction

  • Backup music to external USB hard disk for safe keeping

  • You can use it with your existing hi-fi or on its own

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