Consonance Cyber 10 Signature 15th Anniversary Model

Cyber 10 is a remodeled version of the original product and features 4 2A3 Triode output tubes, two 5AR4 valve rectifiers ,two 12BH7s and a single ECC-83 tube. One of the improvements made is higher grade capacitors as well as hand wound transformers and valve rectification in the power supply.

The Cyber 10 has five unbalanced analogue line inputs and one single unbalanced analogue line output. Volume levels can be adjusted with the help of a remote handset. To improve performance, the producers opted for AC voltage for the tube heaters rather than DC.

Details :

Product : Consonance Cyber 10 Signature 15th Anniversary Model

Origin : China

Weight : 25kg

Dimensions : 340x200x430mm

Features :

  • · Output for speaker 4ohms, 8ohms

  • · Output power :11W x 2RMS 1kHz

  • · Input interfaces : 5 set (RCA) 1,2,3,4,5

  • · Output interfaces : 1 group (RCA)

  • · Power consumption : 80W
  • Vacuum tubes

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