Olive 4HD

The 4HD is a hard disk server and streaming media player which promises to put the fledgling manufacturer Olive on the map. The company started producing in 2005, but of all hard-disk players on sale today, few can provide a user interface as simple, well designed, slick as the Olive 4HD.

As in each other similar devices, the software, along with the sound, is the most important element in separating the product from the competitors and the 4HD’s Maestro software is a real piece of art.

You can create playlists, add or change the album and edit.

In the end, it is neither overly complicated nor too minimalist. It has a excellent, comfortable balance and provides all that the user needs

Details :
Product : Olive 4HD
Origin: USA
Type: Streaming music server
Weight : 6kg
Dimensions: 435x850x290 mm
Features :
  • · Digital formats: 16 and 24 bit –up to 200kHz
  • · Formats: WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC
  • · HDMI connection for GUI through TV
  • · Choice of analogue (RCA)or digital output
  • · Storage : 2 TB

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