Nokia X7

The new Nokia X7 represents the result of the cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft. The X7 has installed the new version of Symbian called Anna. It also has faster web browsing (with Flash) and a portrait QWERTY keyboard.

The chassis is stainless steel and glass –which means it outruns the iPhone in the desirability stakes -  and comes in only two color options : ‘dark steel’ and ‘light steel’.

The X7 may not have the numberless apps like the iPhone but it’s got the bases covered. It has, among others, Facebook, Twitter and free Ovi Navigation turn-by-turn voice directions.

The camera is, as Nokia spoiled us, one of the best you can find on a smart phone. It shoots 8 MP pictures and 720p videos with a dual LED flash, but unlike the N8 it has no HDMI output for watching on TV.

The screen is AMOLED with a resolution of 640x360 which is very good to watch a movie or play a gay, but is no compare to the iPhone’s 960x640 Retina Display.

Overall the Nokia X7 is one of the best  smart phone and an extremely serious competitor on the market.

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