Onkyo P-3000R and M-5000R

Returning to the market after an almost 20 years absence and when everyone thought they’re only to be seen on collectors homes, Onkyo is back in business.  The company’s flagship hi-fi’s are the M-5000R power amp and the P-3000R preamp.

The M-5000R is the more conventional of the two units. It achieves 80 watts into eight ohms using a Class A/B layout even though in many recent stereo amps Onkyo uses Class D. This return back to conventional technology suggests that Onkyo feels that classic is not yet dead.

The M-5000R can only be used in stereo mode with unbalanced RCA inputs, but a single XLR input is fitted allowing use as a monoblock. The VU meters can be used at two different sensitivity or can be switched off.

The P-3000R preamp is rather unusual in comparison to the competition. It has six digital inputs, as well as three line inputs , a tape loop and a MM phone stage.

Details :

Product: Onkyo P-3000R preamp &
                M-5000R power amp

Origin: Japan/ Malaysia

Type: Analogue and digital preamp, 2channel class A/B power amp

Weight: P-3000R 11kg/ M-5000R 23,5 kg

Dimensions: 435x99x333.1 mm/ 235x87.5x432.5 mm

  • ·         Preamp with moving magnet phono stage, 3line inputs and digital board
  • ·         2x preouts
  • ·         DIDRIC Distortion reduction circuitry
  • ·         6 digit inputs : 1xAES, 1xUSB, 2x coaxial and 2x optical
  • ·         Front panel display
  • ·         80 w stereo power amp with symmetrical internal layout

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