Colorfly C4 Pro

There are dozens of music players on the market and most of them resemble in one way or another. The Colorfly is a big exception of this. It’s more than a music player, it’s a electronic image of the fanatic, true music lover, the guy who has a quite good taste for audio and audio gadgets.

Even do it has a rather higher price than an iPod, it is also higher in technical and software attributes, offering more abilities and possibilities than any other competitor. The most significant feature is its high-resolution capability (CD and WAV files, but also native  compress files). Other features include an analogue volume control and quarter-inch headphone socket (the Colorfly can be used as a DAC). 

Details :

Product: Colorfly C4 Pro

Origin: China      

Type:  Portable hi-resolution player/DAC/upsampler  
Weight: 260kg

Dimensions: 70x125x20 mm


  • ·         32 GB internal storage

  • ·         Micro SDHC socket

  • ·         WAV/ lossless files to 192kHz 24 bit        

  • ·         DAC mode

  • ·         Upsampling mode

  • ·         Outputs for high-impedance and low-impedance headphones

  • ·         Analogue volume control

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