Creek Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 is considered the most highly specified model ever made  by producer Creek. It has a solid, slim, quite heavy though very smart external design due to the intelligence use of brushed aluminium.

Inside you will find a large transformer and heatsinks for generous power rating. There are also a decent number of capacitors in the idea that ten small capacitors in parallel make a more ideal component than one single unit of ten times the value

Details :

Name: Creek Destiny 2

Origin: UK

Weight:  10 kg

Dimensions: 430x80x355 mm

  • ·         Inputs: 6 line level
  • ·         Optional phono stage (replaces one line in)
  • ·         Preamp output
  • ·         Dual switched speaker outputs
  • ·         Headphone output
  • ·         Nominal output  100W

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