Acer S100 Liquid

Another World - Liquid is supercharged with spectacular content, great applications and endless possibilities. It’s for those who cannot wait to browse the web, update their social networks and have fun online. It’s for streaming high-resolution movies or free music wherever you are and sharing your discoveries with the world. It’s for games and apps with graphics so slick and so fast they almost leap out of the screen.


  • Unique, lightweight design (just 135g)
  • Acer Liquid includes nemoPlayer – a simple-to-use application to enjoy music, video clips and pictures on the move.
  • Smart integration of YouTube®, Picasa® and social networks in the address book, with real-time notification of status or content updates
  • Qualcomm snapdragon™ 8250 processor reduces CPU power consumption
  • Exclusive Spinlets™ application provides free streaming of worldwide music and video, that can be shared with friends and family via the web or e-mail.
  • 'Fooz Creator' lets you create a "virtual look-a-like", or your Fooz Avatar, and share it on Facebook®, MySpace and other social networks. You can also email it to your friends.
Designed to be special
Simplicity reigns supreme with the Acer Liquid. The large 3.5” high-definition screen dominates the front, while an integrated 5MP camera is all you’ll see on the back. But don’t let the simple, ergonomic design fool you. The clean lines of the exterior conceal one of the world’s most sophisticated mobile devices.

Simplicity in the details
Acer Liquid has been designed for ease of use and the home screen can be customized just the way you like it to give you instant access to the applications and activities you use the most. What’s more, the unique LED indicators instantly notify you of any incoming or missed calls, messages and battery levels, without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Play and explore
For the first time on a mobile device, the Acer Liquid introduces Spinlets™, a completely free streaming service that gives you a totally new way of browsing and sharing your music and music videos wherever you are. Spinlets™ lets you browse a growing number of international and local catalogs from major music labels and record companies and instantly post what you find to your favorite Social Networking sites.

Share in seconds
Point it, shoot it, geotag it, send it or post it wherever you want. The Acer Liquid is perfect for staying in touch with your friends on your favorite social networks like Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, Picasa® and Flickr®. If you want more, just head over to Android Market, browse, select, download and you’re ready to go!

Hi-definition fun
Acer Liquid is perfect for watching high-definition movies, playing the biggest, baddest games or listening to free music, wherever you are.

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