Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin Concept Phone

Last trend for the big auto makers is to make something else than the usual cars ? For example, if Ferrari asked for an antivirus, now Aston Martin has requested a personal cellphone. we are talking about the collaboration between the Canadian luxury mobile phone maker Mobiado and the British luxury car brand Aston Martin. Now, Mobiado has unveiled the upshot of the same, the CPT002 concept phone. The CPT002 combines existing technology and software with high-end electronics to create a realistic vision of luxury mobile phones. The phone is the key to your Aston Martin car.

And if you believed this is just a phone, you were wrong. The CPT002 is the key to your Aston Martin vehicle, automatically unlocking the doors as you approach, and when connected to the GPS in your car it will offer you a new level of social network experience; like this is everything you needed when you’re behind the wheel.

The heart of the CPT002 is the solid sapphire crystal, see-through capacitive touch screen. The sides of the CPT are crafted from platinum; they incorporate the battery, electronics, and SIM card allowing for the screen of the phone to be transparent giving the phone a simple modern look while maintaining a luxurious appearance.

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