Gadgets expected in 2012

2011 it’s near the end and most gadget fans can hardly wait toknow they can expect in stores in 2012. This is the top 12 of the top gadgets wecan wait for in the new year, according to Business Insider.

  1. Ultrabook – 2012 will be the year when we willsee the launch of what is said to be the top competitor for the MacBook Air. Apparentlymore than 50 new Ultrabooks will be launched from multiple vendors and theywill be equipped either with Intel either with AMD processors. 
  2.  HTC Edge and other quad-core smartphones -  NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor it’s on itsway, ready to be used by smartphones producers and the first to use it is HTC.
  3.  Ice Cream Sandwich tablets – The Honeycomb OStablet had so many bugs that they were practically useless. Fortunately, theIce Cream Sandwich is now available and will run on all Android tablets andphones. One of the first that will use this OS is the Asus Eee Pad TransformerPrime. 
  4. Nokia Lumia 800 - will be the new WindowsPhone pilot. The launch will take place in USA at the beginning of 2012. Alsoit is said that a LTE dispositive will run on Verizon and AT&T.
  5. iPhone – will dress new clothes this year.Lots of people have been disappointed when they saw a launch of an iPhone 4Sinstead of the iPhone 5, now Apple says that the new look will be thinner, with a bigger screen and LTE/4G. The newlook can be seen in the summer or autumn of the new year.
  6.  The Nexus by Google smartphone it’s now a tradition. The question is who isgoing to produce the new phone now that Google owns Motorola? Will it still beSamsung?
  7. BlackBerry with QNX – The new phone will belaunched at the middle of the year. 
  8. MacBooks update – A massive update theMacBooks will suffer, this may include a 15” MacBook Air.
  9.  The new Samsung Galaxy Tab – According to BGRSamsung will reveal the 11.6 inch tablet in February. 
  10. The iPad 3 – Will be launch in February orMarch. 
  11. The Kindle Fire – A new 10 or 9 or 9 inch version. 
  12. The Apple TV – Probably the most waitedproduct from Apple this year will hit the market in the end of 2012 or the beginningof 2013.

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