BlackBerry PlayBook

Discover the BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablet
It's packed with best-in-class features that work together to deliver a truly uncompromised tablet experience. It's built to perform, with features like a 1GHz dual core processor, dual-facing cameras with HD video recording capability, and the new BlackBerry® Tablet OS. The result is high performance at every turn: stunning multimedia, true multitasking powerhouse, and access to the whole Internet – no exceptions. The BlackBerry® PlaybookTM tablet: this is the one you've been waiting for.

The BlackBerry® PlaybookTM allows you to stay in touch in multiple ways:

Stay connected!

Outside a wireless hotspot or away from a Wi-Fi connection? No problem. You can stay connected to the content that matters most to you by using your BlackBerry smartphone as a wireless modem to access Videotron's highly advanced network. Browse the web at high speeds, social network like crazy, use data-enabled apps and more, from just about anywhere. Your BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablet. The Web=No limits.

To use the BlackBerry® PlaybookTM tablet as a wireless modem, you must have a BlackBerry® smartphone and BlackBerry Complete service.
Data usage associated with your BlackBerry® PlaybookTM will be included with that of your BlackBerry® phone.

Use the BlackBerry® PlaybookTM tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity

With the BlackBerry® PlaybookTM tablet, you can access any Wi-Fi network, from anywhere. It's so thin and lightweight you can slide it in your pocket and take it with wherever you go: on a breakfast break in a café or restaurant, in your hotel room or on the train. Simply take it out to access the Web in a public place.

A winning duo paired with a BlackBerry phone

BlackBerry® BridgeTM offers additional benefits to BlackBerry smartphone users by giving them the possibility to securely access data already stored on their BlackBerry® smartphone.

Use your BlackBerry PlaybookTM tablet to consult your email, calendar, address book, memo pad, task list, and even BBMTM on the large high-resolution touch display. Your connection is secure: data never leaves the smartphone and is never duplicated. Add a BlackBerry smartphone to the equation and the best gets even better.

Discover why the BlackBerry® PlaybookTM is head and shoulders above other tablets!

Ideal for those seeking performance

Whether you're a snowboarder, blogger, entrepreneur or CEO of a multinational, you live your life to the fullest and aim for excellence. And now, there's a professional-grade tablet built to offer you the high-performance experience you demand.

The BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablet is loaded with a feature set that delivers a high-performance experience that raises the bar for tablets everywhere. One GHz dual core processor for a fast and smooth user experience, and 1 GB of RAM for faster app loading times, faster page rendering online, and support for true multitasking.

Uncompromised mobile browsing

Access to the whole web–no exceptions. With Adobe® Flash® Player 10 woven right into the fabric of its design, the BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablet connects you to all of the content that's important to you, including rich websites, streaming videos, online games and more, giving you the full power of the real Internet –to go. Experience truly uncompromised web browsing on the new BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablet.
Light and powerful
  • Dimensions : 130 x 194 x 10 mm
  • Weight : 425 g

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