Amazon Kindle Fire

It’s smaller, fatter, weaker and has no camera or 3G – so whatmakes the Amazon Kindle Fire the biggest threat to Apple’s tablet dominanceyet?

At its core the Kindle Fire is just another Android tablet,and not even a Honeycomb one. But it is so heavily skinned with Amazon’sshelf-based, Cover Flow – style interface, you’re unlikely to recognize Android’slittle green face peeping out from underneath. 

Rather than fronting up to the iPad 2, with a similarly sizedoblong prodbox, Amazon’s taken the Playbook approach and plumped for a smaller7in screen with a 1024x600 resolution. Actually, at 11.4 mm thick the KindleFire does look a little plump.

The Kindle Fire’s meager 8GB capacity is supplemented (andbacked up) by unlimited cloud storage for any purchases you make from Amazon’sdownload stores. Whispersync tech also keeps books, browser favorites and notesin sync across all your Kindle apps and kit. 

It’s this media prowess that makes the Fire smokin’ hot:iPad aside, there’s no tablet that comes close, and the iPad costs twice asmuch.

Price : 200$

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