Around 1% ofPS3s are currently connected to 3D TVs - a travesty that Sony hopes to rectify withthis sleek monitor. But while it does 3D, it's the PS3 3D Display's two player talentsthat piqued our interest.

You get two pairs of active 30 glassesin the box -a hint that this is a screen that you're supposed to enjoy in thecompany of another, using the genius SimuiView tech . The specs are lighterthan earlier Sony efforts, making it easy to forget you're wearing them, andthey're universal, so you can use them with other active sets. Plus they charge quickly: each minute gives anhour of action, up to a maximum of 30hours.

Even without the PlayStation logo onthe front it'd be obvious that this monitor is designed to partner a PS3. Itsdistinctive curved edges and glossy finish looked great next to both our chunkyold testing console and our modern slimline one. The uniform blackness alsomakes the 241n screen look biggerthan it is, and it sucks you into the action effectively. it's a mightyslim unit, too.

Monitors and small TVs rarely havegreat sound, so Sony deserves props for attempting to buck the trend with abuilt-in 2.1 system. The Integrated subwoofer may not fill out audio a hugeamount, but effects and voices emerge dearly, so you'll always hear NathanDrake's witty I annoying quips when playing Uncharted 3.

The PS3 Display has all the specs tomake games look great, especially in 3D. Some high-end displays produceslightly deeper pictures, but the Sony strikes a perfect balance betweendramatic depth and image control, In that there's almost no crosstalk ordouble- imaging.

Price:  705 $

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