Saitek Cyborg Mouse

Wecontinue our gaming keyboards and mouse reviews with the Saitek Cyborg mouse, which is probably themost interesting and eye catching mouse that this author has ever seen.

Saitek is a company, new to the peripherals market,that wants to make a name on the gaming segment.

The Saitek Cyborg Mouse has 2 options : one with awire, another with a 3200 dpi laser sensor.

The scroll wheel isvery accurate. As a bonus,we can adjust the resistance with a switch locatedon the bottom of the mouse.And it is illuminated with a red LED. Atthe left sidewe have three additional buttons and a fully programmable multi d-pad. Macros canalso be assigned , thanks to SaitekProgramming Software that is very intuitive and simple to use.

Saitek Cyborg allowsyou to save three different profiles in the mouse memory tointegrate a greater numberof functions and commands, profiles can be changed directly from the mouse, from the top left key, andit is equipped with three different LEDs. There canbe saved an unlimited number of profiles on the PC,their changes beingmade this time in the system tray icon.

In this mouse the new element is the adjustable size. The little engine insidethe mouse makes the Saitek Cyborgto shorten or stretch to fit perfectlyin the hand of everyone, without any dangerto resize spontaneous.

For an excellent contact withthe substrate, this mouse hasavailable seven feet,five normal and two extra wide. SaitekCyborg has dimensionsof 50 * 50 * 50mm, and weighs 817grams. It connects to the PC via USB 2.0.

TheSaitek Cyborg Mouse is yours for only 60$.

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