Toshiba K01

Japanese carrier AU/KDDI just announced that the Toshiba IS02 (aka Toshiba K01) will launch in June although no pricing info was revealed. The K01 also passed the FCC certification yesterday which means that it will probably be globally available this summer. For more K01 info head over here.

The Toshiba K01 has just passed the FCC. The full sliding-qwerty brother of the TG02 and TG01 looks to be headed to AT&T or T-Mobile thanks to the 850/900/1800/1900 GSM/EDGE frequencies support (and also Europe and Asia: UMTS Bands I and VIII). The K01 also features a 4.1″ AMOLED capacitive touchscreen (the TG02 is LCD-TFT) and runs Windows Mobile 6.5.3 with SPB Mobile Shell slapped on top of it. Check out my hands-on here & here.

Here’s a couple of size comparison picture of the Toshiba TG02 & Toshiba K01 vs the HTC HD2. As you can see the HD2 is a tiny bit wider than the other two handsets but slimmer than the TG02 (the K01 beeing the thickest one of the bunch). Remember that the HD2 also has a bigger screen at 4.3″ compared to 4.1″ on the Toshiba handsets.

Toshiba officially unveiled the K01 this week at MWC. At first glance you would think that it’s just a TG02 but upon closer inspection you will find out that this thing features a 4 row sliding qwerty keyboard. Similar in design to the TG02 the Toshiba K01 will also feature an AMOLED display (instead of LCD). As you can see in the pictures, the handset is really slim. Internally it’s speced exactly like the TG02 and like its keyboard brother doesn’t feature a 3.5mm Jack and camera flash.

Android smartphone smart book as Au IS01 IS02 was announced with the Toshiba Windows phone was. Abroad has already been announced as the K01, TG01 / X02T / T is available from Softbank / DoCoMo as large flat-screen Windows phone-like model with a sliding QWERTY keyboard to 1A. The basic specification 4.1 inches organic EL display 480 x 800, Snapdragon processor, 802.11b / g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, 322-megapixel camera with AF, and microSD slot.

Users more familiar with the touch screen for the first time, such as iPhone / iPod touch "I'll break it?" Resistive the TG01 was often said (I used up a nail or the stylus), the electrostatic reaction pat capacity has been changed to an expression. As a brand is a Windows phone, OS platform have been filed recently announced Windows Phone 7 instead of the Series, the latest 6.5.3 version of the current Windows Mobile.In addition to standard support services such as Windows Mobile My Phone cloud sync and ActiveSync, the au mobile phone service as e-mail correspondence C (under investigation). Since launch in early June. The gallery below are those of K01.

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