Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens

Everybodyuses their phones now for doing pictures, filming, snapshots and the iPhone 4sis one of this phones that has one of the best cameras on the market.

If you are one of those people that uses theiriPhone a lot for taking pictures, the Olloclip iPhone Camera Lenswill be of big help for you. This is no ordinary fisheye lens, but is alsoa quick-connect lens system that will comprise of other lenses such aswide-angle and macro lenses, all crammed in a small and convenient package.

The Olloclip iPhone Camera Lensis very easy to use. Just slide it over your iPhone 4S or 4 rear camera lensand that’s all! With it you can capture aprox. 180 degree field of view and thewide angle lens could double the field of view. Also it has a super zoom in andout.

The Olloclip iPhone CameraLens can be bought for 69.99$ directly from the Olloclip site .

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