Samsung 4GB MicroSDHC Plus Class 6 Memory Card

The Samsung MicroSDHC Plus Class 6 is packed with the latest memory card conveniences. It has high storage and protective standards, such as water-proof and shock-proof features - and is everything you would expect from Samsung. It also comes with added speed for faster photos and uploading. It can now transfer pictures onto your computer 15% quicker, and is perfect for those who are always on the move and don't have a moment to spare.

You can enjoy more powerful mobile life
When you take picture of something with your Samsung micro SDHC Plus card, you can do that at double speed than standard micro SD card. And when you transfer your mobile data to your PC, it can read your data at about 15% faster speed

Not afraid of water
Water. We drink it every day. Spilled it on your Samsung Micro SDHC Plus Card? No worries. Water is one of the Micro SDHC Plus card's greatest enemies. Even a little could damage the card and the data stored inside. Fortunately, with the Samsung Micro SDHC Plus Card, that's no longer the case.

Survives strong impact!
Your Micro SDHC Plus card, which you had just used to transfer data between devices, has somehow ended up on the bottom of your shoe. Think back and surely you'll agree - this can happen. Fortunately, the Samsung Micro SDHC Plus Card's shock-proof technology protects small and sensitive Micro SDHC Plus cards from such common impact.


Storage Temperature - 40°C to 85°C
Operating Temperature - 25°C to 85°C
Humidity 40°C, 93%, 500hr (storage)
Durability 10000 mating cycles




Compatible Device Mobile phone, PDA


Interoperable With SD slot via SD adapter
Protection Mechanical Write Protection Switch
Shock-Proof Yes
Standardized Complies with SD card specification standards
Ultra-Portable Extremely small footprint design
Versatile When combined with the included adapter, can be used as a full-size SD card
Warranty Lifetime warranty
Water-Proof Yes


Capacity 4GB
Dimension 15 x 11 x 1mm
Family Line PLUS
Operating Voltage 2.7 ~ 3.6V
Product Type MicroSD
Weight Approx 0.5g

Operating System

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

Speed Class

Speed (Read) 17MB / sec.
Speed (Write) 12 ~ 13MB / sec.
Speed Class Class 6


Warranty Life-Time limited warranty
Warranty (Data Retention) 10 Years under normal use

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