Nokia E73

Do you use your telephone for both business and pleasure? Switching from business to personal use is easy with our convenient shortcuts and features. Strike the perfect balance between business and pleasure and stay in touch with your network of clients and friends no matter where you are.

Key functionalities

  • QWERTY keypad
  • BluetoothTM and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Pre-installed OVI Maps
  • 5 MP photo-video camera with flash

Convenient messaging

The Nokia E73 makes life easy with its advanced messaging functions. Simply scroll over an email, for instance, to display the subject line without having to open it. Plus, access every email address and telephone number in your messages with a single click. Or, if you want, create up to 10 email accounts for various providers. Last but not least, the Optical Navi key lets you navigate menus with a just a swipe of your finger.

A high-performance multimedia phone

Based on the Symbian OS operating system, the Nokia E73 is a multi-task telephone that is more than up to the frenzied pace of modern life: just watch, for instance, how it lets you read your emails, talk on the phone and get voice-guided navigation at the same time. For greater comfort, the web pages you browse will be displayed in a format adapted to your phone, and you'll enjoy the convenience of multimedia shortcuts offering direct access to your favourite apps. And don't forget: if you ever need help, feel free to call on Nokia's exemplary Technical Support!

Easily get to where you want to go

Enjoy the benefits of pre-installed OVI maps, voice-guided navigation and traffic information in real time for frustration-free visits to friends.
If you're on foot, let the Nokia E73 guide you in the right direction and let you know where the closest subway and bus stations are with audible and vibratory directions.
Maps and landscapes, are displayed in 3D, the better to visualize your itinerary. Welcome to convenience!

Slender and lightweight

  • Dimensions: 113.8 x 58.4 x 10.2 mm
  • Weight: 128 g

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