Aerocool Syclone II Black Edition

The Syclone II case is a “stylish” design chassis with astrong personality. Its “aggressiveness”  is what every gamer looks for in a gamingcase!

This case is solidly constructed in 0,6 mm Japanese steeland beautifully finished both inside and out. Not only the chassis isbeautifully finished in all black (interior and exterior) color, the “PCIcovers”, “MB plate”, “removable HDD cage” and “Screw-less kits” arehigh-lighted in blue (Syclone II Black) or red (Syclone II Red) colors to makethe case unique and stands out from the others. The combination of this uniquechassis finishing and glossy front panel with LEDs give this case a stunninglook!

The Syclone II case is designed with “user-friendly” conceptin mind and it gives gamers great expandability and versatility. Its “screw-less”  features and pre-drilled holes on the motherboardplate for cable routing holes are also protected by high quality rubber toprevent cable damages from sharp edges. A CPU hole is also pre-drilled on theMB plate for ease of cooler assembly and removable.

This chassis offers great expansion capabilities. It cansupport 4x5 1/4" devices, 1x3 1/2" device (external) with converterbracket (included) and 6xhard drives. The chassis is also deep enough tosupport long high end VGA cards up to 400mm in length (when the middle HDD cageis removed). With the middle HDD cage installed, the chassis can support longVGA cards up to 290 mm in length.

It maximized airflow with 3 fans including front in-take 14cm fan (included), back exhaust 12cm LED fan (included) and 12 cm or 14 cm sidepanel fan (optional). A removable PSU dust filter is included to prevent dustentering your computer.

The Aerocool Syclone II can also be found in a red variantcolor.
The bottom line is that the Aerocool Syclone II BlackEdition can be any gamers dream being a seriously eye catcher.

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