HTC Merge

Touch screen. Keyboard. Why choose?
Interact with your favorite Web site on a gorgeous 3.8-inch touch screen. Type and text on a slide-out keyboard. With the HTC Merge, you get both. The keyboard has punctuation and navigation keys for easier typing. A customizable Quick Key lets you jump straight to apps, Web sites or even a contact.

Capture life in Hi-def.
Video quality so real, when you play it back you feel like you're there. Easily share your videos with your friends on YouTube™.

Be your own Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.
Your phone becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight other Wi-Fi-enabled devices— making you the most popular person in the airport. You can choose who joins, and a new widget lets you quickly turn your hotspot on or off.

Get more from your phone with HTC Sense™.
HTC Sense makes your smartphone even smarter with apps like Friend Stream, Weather, People, and Messages. Stay more connected than ever with one-touch app sharing and enhanced caller ID that displays your friends' Facebook® status updates, tweets and birthdays.

Enhanced Internet experience.
Forget the "mobile Internet"—this is the real thing. Now with Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1, you can play games, watch videos, and experience the Web as it was meant to be seen.

Go where life takes you.Whether you are a road warrior or taking the family to see the pyramids in Egypt, you can always stay in touch with the HTC Merge™, HTC’s Global Ready Android phone.

Stay close, however you like.
Friend Stream™ is a smarter way to socialize. It lets you view and update Facebook®, Twitter™, and Flickr™ in one place. Now you can share your jam-packed life by posting videos as you live it.

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